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Lord, You Know That I Love You! Ark Channel 28/06/2022 Tue John 21b

…Peter was grieved because He said to him the third time, “Do you love Me?” And he said to Him, “Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You.” Jesus said to him, “Feed My sheep. (v17)

* The Lord, the Builder, unites with us through love and shepherding, expanding God’s dwelling place for all generations!

John 21:15-25

* This booklet tells us how to cope with the inevitable changes and to finish well. The Bible inspires every person to leave a legacy of giving glory to the Lord.
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Feed My Lambs!

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Love And Destiny! Ark Channel 27/06/2022 Mon John 21a

Jesus said to them, “Come and eat breakfast.” Yet none of the disciples dared ask Him, “Who are You?”—knowing that it was the Lord. (v12)

* The Lord commissioned Peter to be a shepherd and to die for Him. The example of a true shepherd is to feed His lamb and be willing to sacrifice for them. Are we following in the same footsteps?

John 21:1-14

* The ancient father Evagrius was convinced that tears are a gift from God to help people in prayer. He said: “One sits alone in a room and recites the Psalms, just like one who stands outside and asks for the King’s presence. But he who prays in tears is already in the temple, clutching the King’s feet and praying for mercy!”

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They Were Glad Seeing the Lord! – Sunday Hope_26/06/2022 (John 20)

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Peace Be With You! – Sunday Hope 26/06/2022 John 20b

but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name. (v. 31)

* Life transcends death. It transforms people from doubts, fears and brokenness into precious materials fit for building God’s eternal abode.

John 20:19-31

* A gospel song in Cantonese opera style. Under His Wings(在祂翅膀下).

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My Lord and My God!

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He Calls His Sheep By Name! – Ark Channel 25/06/2022 Sat John 20a

Jesus said to her, “Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father; … Then He said to Thomas, “Reach your finger here, and put it into My side….” (v. 17, 27)

* It seems that Mary Magdalene had a totally different experience than Thomas’. They were trained in different ways by the Lord. In the end both enjoyed full peace because of our risen Lord (v. 21, 26, 27). Fortunately, Thomas was absent from meeting just on one Lord’s Day, not for two consecutive weeks.

John 20:1-18

* How to Read The Bible to Encounter Jesus?.Darrell Johnson shares his good suggestions with us

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Where Sin Abounds, Grace is Deeper!

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Blood and water flowed from his sides! – Ark Channel 240622 Fri John 19b

When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. (v.30)

* From the perspective of mankind, an evil cartel set a trap for the Lord; from God’s perspective, “it was the LORD’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer, and though the LORD makes his life an offering for sin” (Isaiah 53:10). Thanks be to the Lord for He took on our sin, accomplishing God’s wonderful salvation!

John 19:1-22

* Meeting a teacher from over 30 years ago. A life testimony!

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With A Crown of Thorns!

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Have found no basis for your charges! – Ark Channel 23/06/2022 Thu John 19a

Carrying his own cross… (v.17)

* In his final time on earth, in the face of mankind’s twisted powers, Jesus showed His authority, glory, faithfulness, righteousness, royalty, and mission! The Father was with Him, and Truth was with Him!

John 19:23-42

* Pastor LU/盧家駇牧師 speaks on: Why don’t we preach the gospel? (If You Can Ever See It)

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He Loves To The End!

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Failure Comes From Lacking Self-Awareness! Ark Channel 22/06/2022 Wed John 18b

Peter then denied again; and immediately a rooster crowed. (v27)

* Surrounded by darkness, Jesus the King who is supposed to judge, remained silent in the face of sinners. Peter failed. John remained as the only one who followed the Lord to the end in the midst of the upside down world!

John 18:19-40

* Ancient emperors aspired immortality. The immortal jellyfish is an amazing creature. It is able to revert back to childhood after reaching maturity. Theoretically this process can go on indefinitely but practically it will still die. Long life is not eternal life. Only God created us in His image and promised us eternal life.
(If You Can Ever See It)

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Prayer Of A Righteous Man Avails Much!

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Put Your Sword Into The Sheath! Ark Channel 210622 Tue John 18a

…“Of those whom You gave Me I have lost none.” (v9)

* Jesus gave Himself up but had His captors release His disciples. He bore no hatred towards His captors and even healed the servant whom Peter wounded. The glory of God is not manifested through force or power but through love.

John 18:1-18

* Articles in the Our Daily Bread often brings comfort to friends in adversity. The concise writings of Bill Crowder, one of the authors, is worth reading.

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That They May Be One!

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Be Sanctified By The Truth! Ark Channel 20/06/2022 Mon John 17b

…but that You should keep them from the evil one. (v15)

* In the Lord’s intercession He has incorporated us into the internet of divine life. Through the name of the Father we are kept as one (v11), not lost (v12) and kept from the evil one (v15).

John 17:14-26

* Is there a divine purpose in life’s turmoil? Historians look back at the Sino-Japanese war which forced Christians and university students in the coastal areas to move inland. There was a sudden influx of believers in different inland cities spreading the gospel as they went. Gathering and scattering people maybe God’s tools.
(If You Can Ever See It)

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I Pray for Them! – Sunday Hope_19/06/2022 (John 17)

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Looking Towards Heaven! – Ark Channel 19/06/2022 Sunday Hope John 17a

And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. (v3)

* Jesus prayed for Himself (v.1-5). Then He prayed for His disciples (v.6-19). He also prayed for their disciples (v.20-26). He prays that we may all be one, that the evil one will be driven away, that we will be sanctified by truth.

John 17:1-13

* Be thankful and take nothing by granted: If you raise your head and can still see the blue sky, gaze into it one more time…. If you stroll along the seashore, listen to the tides one more time …. 若你能看見 (If You Can Ever See It)


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My Father is With Me! Ark Channel

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In Me You may have Peace! – Ark Channel 18/06/2022 Saturday John 16b

… In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. (v. 33)

* “Tribulation” and “labour for child birth” (v. 21) originate from the same word. Living in an age hostile to faith, it is inevitable for us to experience tribulation. Yet tribulation in this world is likened to labour pains, which are filled with hope to mature us and build up the church!

John 16:16-33

* Chinese sermon by Rev Stephen Lee / 李思敬 難解的天國比喻 (The Most Obscure Parable on the Heavenly Kingdom)


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Draw me, we will run after thee!

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It is for your good that I am going away! – Ark Channel 17/06/2022 Fri John 16a

…and then after a little while you will see me. (v.16)

* Prophecy from our Lord before He left: persecution will come (v.1-4). But the Holy SPirit has work to do, to bring repentance, guide us into truth, all to glorify Jesus (v.8-15)!

John 16:1-15

* Contemporary Bible teacher Darrell Johnson teaches us
How to read the Book of Revelation.

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No longer servants, but friend!

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Serve one another, be joined to each other! – Ark Channel 16/06/2022 Thu John 15b

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (v.13)

* A friend is one whom we confide in, but a best friend is one for whom we will give our lives! The Lord says that those who obey what He commands is His friend! To have a friend in such a high place and know His mysteries is glorious and a blessing!

John 15:18-27

* In this world, love is ordained! Pastor Moses Yu/于力工牧師 speaks on the “ Song of Songs: Jesus is our Lover “, at the HK Bible Conference.


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I Chose And Appointed You!

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He prunes! Ark Channel 15/06/2022 Wed John 15a

“I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser.” (v1)

* In the face of hatred that comes from the world, the Lord reminds us to counter it with love: first of all by being close to Him and abiding in His love. And love one another, as the Lord gave up His life. Do not be discouraged, the Spirit of truth is always our helper!

John 15:1-17

* Interesting cartoon Bible stories - Zacchaeus (Child Evangelism Fellowship)


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Be Not Troubled Nor Afraid!

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Arise, Let’s Go From Here! Ark Channel 14/06/2022 Tue John 14b

…because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. (v17)

* In departing, Jesus gave us two gifts: the Counselor and peace. We have the Holy Spirit, through the Holy Spirit we can be united with God on this pilgrimage. We being united with God becomes His dwelling place!

John 14:15-31

* A 5 min. conversation about life with touching sparks:
A Boy And A Man 57 Years Apart

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I Will Not Leave You Orphans!

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I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life! Ark Channel 13/06/2022 Mon John 14a

Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. (v1)

* Jesus left us His grace which are the four great gifts: Holy Spirit (v25-26), Peace (v27), Joy (v28) and Steadfastness (v29)!

John 14:1-14

* Nobel Peace Prize laureate Albert Schweitzer, during a time of intense war in Europe, said, “The shadow of war has fallen over Europe and many lives have been lost under fire. I am grateful to God for the grace of being able to save the sick in Africa”. Do we know how to be thankful for being able to help people in a peaceful place and live in peace? , … Foreshadow of life… play our part well.


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Our Lord Knows It All! – Sunday Hope_12/06/2022 (John 13)

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One of You Will Betray Me! – Ark Channel 12/06/2022 Sunday Hope John 13b

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. (v. 35)

* Now we have come to John Chapter 13. The chapter is filled with the Lord’s self-sacrificial virtue, and tension of betrayal is in the air. What should we do this very night? Let us connect with Him, so that we can love Him to the end! Let us love one another, so that we can triumph over darkness!

John 13:21-38

* Choral singing in 6 languages– Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, Korean and Persian, proclaiming that true hope and peace can only be found in Christ!
counselling work?


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But I Chose You!

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The Hardest Path! – Ark Channel 11/06/2022 Saturday John 13a

… having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end. (v1)

* Christ modelled His love by washing His disciples’ feet (Ch 13). Christ extended His love by praying for His disciples (Ch 17). The Son of God gave His farewell speech with humility, self-sacrifice and promise of the Holy Spirit!

John 13: 1-20

* Listen to Your Heart/吳靜華博士:靜聽衷情. An Interview with Dr NG Ching-wah, Vivian. Dr Ng, a clinical psychologist, expounds the use of counselling. Does pre-marital counselling work?


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My Father Honors The One Who Serves Me!

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No one who believes in me should stay in darkness! – Ark Channel 10/06/2022 Fri John 12b

…Walk while you have the light, before darkness overtakes you…. (v.35)

* Our service ought to look like Martha, Lazarus, and Mary, which were remembered by the Lord – attentive, suffering, and poured out! (v.1-11) Our service should also be a joyful song, welcoming the Lord! (v.12-26)

John 12:27-50

* With over 93 years of history, the HK Bible Conference will be held again soon. In August, there will be three of the Lord’s shepherds keynoting the conference. Please intercede in prayer.
Latest information.

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But You Will Not Always Have Me!

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When one is with God, we are not alone! – Ark Channel 09/0/2022 Thu John 12a

…And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. (v.3)

* Timing is key. Give your best to the Lord in every moment, while the light is around, before darkness descends!

John 12:1-26

* The greatest task – A continuation of testimony (message of a special meeting, Cantonese)


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Father, I Thank You!

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Jesus Wept! Ark Channel 08/06/2022 Wed John 11b

Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” (v40)

* As Lazarus died, a scene of despair became an opportunity to manifest Christ’s resurrection power. The evil men plot to kill Jesus but the conspiracy indirectly enabled God’s eternal purpose to be fulfilled.

John 11:28-57

* The average life expectancy of a mayfly is less than one day. In medieval Europe, the average life expectancy of man was less than 25 years. Recently the world’s longest living person, Kako Tanaka, died at the age of 119. Pray that God teaches us how to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom. , … Foreshadow of life… play our part well.


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Be Our God For All Generations!

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I Am The Resurrection And The Life! Ark Channel 07/06/2022 Tue John 11a

…saying, “Lord, behold, he whom You love is sick.” (v3)

* God has His will in His “delay”. If you have a problem, turn to Jesus. He will listen and He has His reason for His way. We have to submit to God’s delay, for sure He has His reason.

John 11:1-27

* HK Bible Conference: Elder WU Yung/吳勇長老 speaks on “Building the Holy City Jerusalem” worth listening (in Chinese both written & verbal)


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The Good Shepherd Dies For The Sheep!

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Recognise The Lord’s Voice! Ark Channel 06/06/2022 Mon John 10b

And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. (v28)

* Never forget that you have a double guarantee: the hand of the Father, together with the hand of the Lord, both protecting us and leading us. The Father is greater than all! The Lord has given us eternal life!

John 10:22-42

* Schweitzer, a doctor who went to Africa to practice medicine for the first time was a bit nervous about having to operate on a patient in a chicken coop because the new hospital was not yet built. He prayed silently to God to stabilise his emotions and asked for His help. He succeeded and since then patients came to him from hundreds of kilometres away. , … Foreshadow of life… play our part well.


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I Am the Sheep Gate! – Sunday Hope_050622 (John 10)

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Go In and Out and Find Pasture! – Sunday Hope 05/06/2022 John 10a

… and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. (v. 4)

* The Devil, a wicked robber, comes to harm, to steal and destroy! But we have our Great Shepherd to keep us company on our journey. Use our heart to listen to His voice. Then we are no more a victim, but a victor in life.

John 10:1-21

* Finale of Hins (張敬軒) Live in Hong Kong — The Next 20 (張敬軒) Meeting God (遇見神) , … Foreshadow of life… play our part well.


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He Sees and He Cares!

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Open the Eyes of My Heart! – Ark Channel 04/06/2022 Sat John 9b

… but now that you claim you can see, … (v41)

* In the temple court, a sacred place of religion, a man was there, blind from birth. People passed by him, unmoved by his situation, and unable to help. Jesus saw him. He had mercy on this man, and opened his eyes, thinking He should take timely action. Think about it. What is important? Religious ceremony, or a merciful heart?

John 9:24-41

* Gospel Meeting, in Cantonese – 來得輕省人生!Are you trapped in life’s torrents? Come and Lighten Your Loads!


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Those Who Come from God will listen to Him!

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Love God wholeheartedly, Stay True! – Ark Channel 03/06/2022 Fri John 9a

As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. (v4)

* Lord you are the light of the world (John 8 -10), bringing us direction and exodus. Lord you are the healing light (John 9) from God, the word that you speak creates miracles for us!

John 9:1-23

* Nick Vujicic’s good friend Brian established One Voice Student Missions as a campus ministry, using Scripture to counsel students. One day a student left a note saying, “Yesterday I was planning to commit suicide. But after going to your gathering, I found hope, and today, I am still alive!” , … Foreshadow of life… play our part well.


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