Push Through Hardship from Hardship! – Sunday Hope_01/08/2021

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Who Are You, Lord? – Sunday Hope 01/08/2021 Acts 26a

Why should it be thought incredible by you that God raises the dead? (v. 8)

* Our way ahead may look gloomy at times. But we are still zealous for God in the dark night. Even in the courtroom, the apostle called for people to decide for the Lord! Ever since we have met our Lord, we live with a clear conscience towards God and people. This is the kind of life shining with light!

Acts 26:1-18

* Pray and Participate: Hong Kong Bible Conference 2021 (August 1-10), is being held with a total of 26 sermons. Watch it live on the internet from Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Mr Kwok-kuen Leung/梁國權 speaks on the Book of Joshua, Rev. Alex McCoy on the Book of James / Real faith (too many fakes nowadays), Rev. Timothy San-Jarn Wu/吳獻章 on ten topics of end times basing on 10 books from the Bible.

* 方舟台 – 版權所有 *


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… in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrificies …

1. A living sacrifice (v.1-2) — All mercies of God are shown in previous passages (Romans 1-11). According to God’s will, offer our whole body , spirit & every single details of livelihood- to live for a pleasing & perfect life!
2. Our limitation (v.3-8) — our blind spot is either overrating ourselves or not realizing our gifts. The more “spiritual” you are, the more humble you should be — as you serve amongst saints!
3. Quality of saints (v.14-21) — blessings (v.14), sympathetic (v.15-16), live at peace (v.17-18), overcome evil with good (v.19-21)!

* Many enquiries about HK Bible Conference for this year. The summary for 26 sections of sermons
* Sam Kong requests — from coming Sunday until September, church have evangelistic meetings in ten meeting halls. Pray for souls in HK! — 20/8 A more fruitful life (SPK), Joy remarkable (TKO), You lack one thing (TM), A full life (CWB)


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but the Spirit itself makes intercession with groanings which cannot be uttered. <8:26>

Surpassing the sufferings and into glory?Rom 8:18-39??
1. 5 kinds of sufferings — we always suffering from -perishing of the body, helpless in weaknesses, oppressions on earth, accusations by the enemy, facing judgments in shame & frustration.
2. 3 helps to overcome — But the Spirit is praying for you, Christ is taking our part, Gods love is with us forever!

?2 nights before we have a farewell for the 3 speakers of this years HK Bible Conference. Abstract of messages – click?28 sermons in 10 days , 110,000 man-time is recorded in total. 1,200 + saints offered themselves to serve the Lord, some considered full-time serving. Pls pray for their spiritual progress!?

Before God ? Man?

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So I strive always to keep my conscience clear

Something is going to happen How can your faith be careless?
1. Curiosity but no heart?v.2227?– Are we only hearing the Words but not practising?
2. Hope of resurrection?v.1521?– to share the gospel is something related to eternal life or death.
How can we help to be silent?

?(The Word) can build you up, give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.HK Bible Conference is a spiritual movement lasted 78 years . This is a gift from God to all Chinese churches, same as Keswick Convention. This yr 16 relay stations Hk & overseas. Pls pray especially for the saints in Macau, Canada & Sydney attending the conference via broadcasting. Also pray for the 100,000 attendants & a few hundred b/s serving together in 10 days. May Lord call all to live for the glory of God, for the Bible, for the kingdom & for the church, and may Jesus also do what He did in the past years calling large group of full-time servants. click

Take Courage?

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I stand on trial because of my hope in the resurrection of the dead.?v.6?

His voice in deepest night — take courage!?v.11?
1. Encouragement — Trials coming? Our Lords calling will never change!
2. Approval — Everything & every men against you? But we can be relieved if He delights us.
3. Strengthening — His words can fix our future. Our ending will be just as our Lords promise!

?Pat Gelsinger the chief technician of Intel , is extremely busy everyday, but he kept on reminding people to make use of the traveling time to pray. He used to praise the power & love of God first, especially praising the power of God shown to him on his work. Then he will confess , repent, & give thanks for his family. Lastly he will pray for specific thingsfor his wife, his every children; praying for their love of God, career, marriage, would-be-parents in law, sons & daughters (which are all yet to come)Bro Pat said, I would have prayed for thousands & millions times for their companions on the day they got married.
?Summary of HK Bible Conference?10??1973Danielhad passed away, and he wont come backtheres only One who will return…Behold, I am coming soon!…Yes, I am coming soon. We should be alert to wait for His return, attracting more people to Him. When the morning star appearsthere should be rays of light proclaiming the glorious eternal dayCome, Lord Jesus! — ( Book of Daniel Rev. Tong Yau Chi)

Afar Off !

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You will be his witness to all men … (v.15)

Three Steps to witness for the Lord —
1. My past (v.3-5) — our past, our views & values before coming to Jesus
2. His Revelation (v.6-16) –how the glorious God visited us & changed our meaning & purpose of life!
3. Gods calling (v.17-29) — This is our story striving for the eternal life and Kingdom!

*pray for the church in Indonesia – Among the 200 millions of people in Indonesia ,80% Muslims. Prosecution is often, but the Lord still attracted many.Speaker of this yr HK Bible Conference (1/8 10/8) is Pastor Tong Sung Ming from Indonesia. He had pastured church in Bandung for 45 years! Now increased to 7,000 saints.is messges — Across the Hardship , All for Jesus —


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And God wrought no ordinary miracles by the hands of Paul <19:11>

2 measures of healthy revival of churches ?
1. The.Lords name is exalted?v.17?
2. The Lords words grow and prevail (v.20?

?Summary of HK Bible Conference?9??1989 Last Forever …common people…can do something last forever….dont think you are ordinary. If we love the Lord with our all our heart, offer and serve with this attitude, wecan have our special contribution. Preserve a heart which loves the Lord and is willing to sacrifice everything for Himevery common people can have uncommon contribution in Gods kingdom! — are we willing to say this to our Lord in our remaining days, we no longer seeking for our own glory, pride, status, or powerbut only for the Lord. And then God can make special use of us.—Common People who Last Forever??Rev. Stephen C.T. Chan

Renew My Whole!

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.. the Word of the Lord spread widely & grew in power … (v.17)

The Church grows and grows — three factors :
1. Believe in the true Faith (v.1-7)
2. Cleanse all sins today (v.13-20)
3. Conform the enemies (v23-41)

*A summary for HK Bible Conference 1984 –”When we think of the kingdom of God, the realization of prophesy, the precious grace and the incomparable glory — if we offer ourselves to Jesus unconditionally and unreservedly, we will become the flowing rivers as our lives are filled by the Holy Spirit. The river will flow into all direction unceasingly all over the year. To be the witnesses of Jesus, like the deliverers described in Obadiah (v.21), the kingdom of God will come soon. May the Lord help us– that we will be His worshippers and servants in this spiritually desired era. (The book of Obadiah — Pastor ???)

Sun After Rain!

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…were glad for its encouraging message…

Partnership is precious treasure your fellow brother (Paul and Barnabas) :
1. Together they have resisted heresies under pressure (v.2)
2. Together they have risked their lives for the name of Lord (v.26)
3. But they were parted because of disagreement (v.39)
Which do we treasure today, your work? or your team?

* Last Saturday an accident occurred after baptism meeting, but God had protected us. A sister who has just been baptized and was pregnant for 5 months, fell into the baptiam pool (all water drained away already!). Saints called ambulance and found the doctors in the hall to take care of her. They prayed & sent the sister to hospital. After a detailed check, the sister found no problems and discaharged . Praise and thanks the Lord! Pls pray for this sister Pang so that her baby and whole family be blessed by God!
?Essence of HK Bible Conference (6) – 1990-Is it a waste to offer yourself to God? There is no wasting in Gods kingdom. Everyone who are willing to commit his whole self to God, is a man used by God. ( On Esther Rev. Lau Siu Hong???)

Make You a Light?

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… the disciples were filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.<13:52>

Power in Gods words keep forward in tribulation :
1. Listen to the Calling of Holy Spirit (v.1-3)
2. Be strong in facing opposition from Satan (v.4-12)
3. Be prepared of drawing back of co-workers (v.13)
4. Be joyful when many people believe ! (v.14-52)

?Essence of HK Bible Conference (5)– 1989We may have nothing to gain for our own interest in our Christian life, but we can never suffer from losing the presence of God. (The Perfect Life of Joseph Rev. Cheung Chi Wah ???)
* From Bro Wai Keung ??? in Canada – hymns for this years summer conference of Peace Evangelical Church of Richmond in Vancouver. Welcome to enjoy. Hymns include You Are Rearranging My Future, I Have Put Aside All, Into the Tent, Out of the Camp etc,. 25 hymns click

Let Go!

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and sent them off .

To whom the door of gospel open? — (Acts Ch.13-14) :
1. In church be diligent in serving & coordination with yokefellows in local church (v.1-2)
2. In service spare time for hear the voice of God (v.-3)
Because of the establishment of this serving team, church in Antioch was never small again. Great workers were released from them, walking through 6 towns (Acts Ch.13-14) and 40 cities (Acts Ch.1-28) !

? Glory be to God — Request from Sam Kong 186 new believers to be baptized in our church on this Saturday and Sunday. Pls pray for them!
? Essence of HK Bible Conference (4) Can we say there are no sins and any separation between God and us? If we can really say these words, we know that now we are in Gods will; otherwise we must be out of Gods will! (1980 Gods Will — Pastor Paul Sze ???)

Fear Not!

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who indeed was I to be able to forbid God?

3 Evidence of Gods work :
1. Vision from God?v.511? Are we working according to Gods blueprint?
2. Proof from the Spirit?v.1215,17? Does the Spirit work with us in our actions?
3. Words from God?v.16? Do we have biblical support to our direction?

?Makgatho Mandela (a world-class politician, also Father of South Africa) was imprisoned for 27 years. He was enlightening & wise, turning a country of hatred into a land of peace, winning respect from whole world. He had been a Christian since he was small. When asked of the influence of his faith – in an interview, he said, Dont be hostile to the belief of the majority of a societyto respect the others belief is extremely important, no matter you believe in God or notturning against others faith would only isolate yourself, making yourself unworthy to be a leader
?Essence of HK Bible Conference (3) To pray is to rely on Godthose who rely on God pray often. Prayer is a bridge to heaven, which can turn the history of church and change our church. May Lord help us to pray. (End Times by Pastor James M. Cheung ??? 1979)

Joy Overflow?

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the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were hearing the word.

Achieving Great in Prayers:
1. A praying heart : for God to work new things?v.18?
2. A prepared life : for the Lord to use you afresh?v.948?

?Essence fr HK Bible Conference 1974 Christ is our Lover, Shepherd, Glory, Lord, Appreciation, Banner, Gardener, Friend & All. Knowing Christ everyday, to gain Him and imitate Him. Live as Christ, so that we can sit with Him in the wedding feast of Christ when He returns!- — by Pastor Yu Lik Gong ??? : (Topic – Christ in the Song of Songs)

God- fearing

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supplicating God continually went up on the house to pray

10 years after the Passover festival Every nation enjoys Gods grace :
1. Do not call anything impure that God has made clean (v.15) Is there anyone whom you regard as incurable in your mind? God saves everyone regardless his genre.
2. Get up and go downstairs. Do not hesitate to go with them (v.20) miracle happens where and when people seek for God!

* HK Bible conference has 16 locations for broadcast, including Sydney. It is estimated that there will be 90,000 listeners. Pls pray for HK.
* Rev. Philip Teng ??? spoken in HK Bible conference 1970 7 callings in Revelation:
1. The calling of His coming (1:7)
2. The calling of His judgment (2:22)
3. The calling of evangelism (3:8)
4. The calling for revival (3:20)
5. The calling of victory (5:4)
6. The calling of staying awaken (16:15)
7. The calling of renewal and achievement (21:3)


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The assemblies were increased through the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Church growth in all dimensions — 2 key power:
1. The falling of Saul?v.4? Whenever mens wisdom fell, Gods power will be shown!
2. The kneeing of Peter?v.40? Whenever we know we are helpless, the stream of resurrecting life will overflow!

?The HK Bible Conference which is held once a year in August. This year Yeung Sik Cheong ???will speak on the topic of Life of Creations ? Called and Blessed, Kwok Man Chi ??? will speak on topic of Re-finding the Abundance Life in Christ, Tong Song Ming ??? from Indonesia on the topic of Leaping over Difficulties by Offering all of Yourself details click
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