Stir Up the Honest Heart!

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Remember the Commands of the Savior! – Ark Channel 01/12/2022 Thu 2 Peter 3

… with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day. (v8)

* Many are scoffers: When will the Lord come back! ((v.1-7) But let us forget not the Lord’s promise of His Coming again. (v.8-13) Look to the Lord’s return, spend this time that the Lord gives us to mature in life. (v.14-18)

2Peter 3:1-18

* The work of wonders by the Holy Spirit moving Abraham Kuyper, once a prime minister of Holland, together with his fellowsaints to bring down the revival in the 19th century, Exalting the Cross, Kuyper planted churches, up to 700 of them.

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Dwelling With Men Forever!

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All Things Change! Ark Channel 30/11/2022 Wed 2 Peter 2

…but saved Noah, one of eight people… (v5a)

* God will save, but Noah still spent 120 years building the ark, enduring the ridicule of his neighbours. Time is God’s faithful servant, we should faithfully follow God’s will until the flood comes, to warn and punish the evil. God has His time.

2Peter 2

* Plants can count and foretell? BBC Earth discovers amazing plants:
The Green Planet

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To Brotherly Kindness Love!

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Confirmed Prophetic Word Shines In Darkness! Ark Channel 29/11/2022 Tue 2 Peter 1

… that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. (v4b)

* Since we are under God’s sovereignty, there’s no need to complain about our circumstances. We have all received precious faith, partakers in the divine nature, in the righteousness of God and of Christ! The day will soon dawn, and the morning star will appear. Live our days in virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, and love!

2Peter 1

* The journey of an athlete and coach: “With my injury, experiencing ups and downs, I thank God for keeping me. I experienced peace in my hip replacement surgery. From a few hours of waiting until the completion of the surgery, I went from restlessness to peace. He showed me His glory and grace. Praise Him!”

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New Heavens & Earth With Righteousness!

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Looking For The Day Of God! Ark Channel 01/12/2021 Wed 2 Peter 3

The Lord is not slow…but is patient toward you… (v9)

* Some people ridicule faith but don’t be tempted. God is patient, desiring all to come to repentance. Only in the new heavens and new earth will righteousness dwell. Be diligent to be found by Him (v14). The last word: grow!

2Peter 3

* The Chinese Christian Mission Monthly Magazine have rich testimonies and articles. You can find suitable content to counsel and comfort friends Chinese Christian Mission Monthly Magazine

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Abandoning The Right Way!

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Suffering Wrong As Wages Of Doing Wrong! Ark Channel 30/11/2021 Tue 2 Peter 2

then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from a trial,… (v9)

* Heretics and false prophets posing as true faith – not being Christ-centric! Mixing truth with lies is detestable! The danger of end times, pay attention to the characteristics of false teachers: evil deeds, greed and adultery!

2Peter 2

* Ming Dao Press “Bible Guided Tour”

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Partakers Of The Divine Nature!

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To Stir, To Remind You! Ark Channel 29/11/2021 Mon 2 Peter 1

to godliness brotherly kindness…(v7)

* In our life, we ascend 8 stages of our spiritual life (v5-8): from faith, moral excellence, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love. In each spiritual stage, if we truly learn then we will be partakers of God’s divine nature, then living becomes meaningful!

2Peter 1

* Message from Rev. KOU Shao Yuan/寇世遠 Ten Commandments for the Elderly<

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Long For New Heavens & New Earth Where Righteousness Dwells!

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All To Come To Repentance! Ark Channel 011220 Tue II Peter 3

…with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day. (v8)

Lord, Storm All Over, How Much Longer?
1. Peter was not talking about work instead he stressed only a sanctified, godly life will get us through the long persecution
2. The Lord sees a thousand years like a day, so there is time. We live under the pressure of a day is like a thousand years. How much we need the patience of the Lord!

2 Peter 3

* Finally arrived in Glasgow. Scotland is known for men wearing skirts and whiskey…now we are surrounded with historical buildings. The need to settle down and find schools for my daughters coupled with the COVID 19 outbreak in Europe is giving us anxieties. Feeling helpless and troubled, we turned to the Lord in prayer and every time miracles happen ~ Bro. Alex (to be continued)

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Know The Truth, See The Light!

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The Lord Saves The Godly! Ark Channel 301120 Mon 2 Peter 2

…there will also be false teachers among you… (v1)

Gospel Reveals The Truth About Salvation – God Has Readied The Way & The Savior:
1. If there is a vaccine and we take it without telling others, how can we answer to the world?
2. Quickly spread God’s good news, get the people to ‘take the injection’! Don’t let them be wrongly influenced by false teachers to take the fake vaccine (jumping the queue)!

2 Peter 2

* Professor Wen Yinggan/溫英幹教授, a Taiwanese and Chinese scholar, insists on reading 3 chapters of the Old Testament, 1 chapter of the New Testament, 1 chapter of Psalms, and 1 chapter of Proverbs every day. According to him, pondering on the Lord’s words daily always unveils new and infinite wisdom.

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Hi, Precious Faith! – Sunday Hope_29/11/2020

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Faith is our Everyday Life! – Sunday Hope 291120 II Peter 1

… to those who have obtained like precious faith with us…. (v1)

Who is the true leader?
1. Peter was a servant who characterized his time. Self-disciplined, not interested in power play, avoided being the focus of attention, his was a God-centred ministry, (v1-4)
2. The more experienced we are in ministry, the more we should empty ourselves. Be renewed, humble, diligent in pursuing God, especially with fresh insights in God’s word. (v5-21)

2 Peter 1

* A classical hymn presented in a new form, deepening our yearning for the Lord! Fairest Lord Jesus (Worship Circle Hymns)

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Those Who Slack Concerning His Promise Corrupt In Moral!

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The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness; but is long suffering to you-ward, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance  (v9)

Christ’s Second Coming

1. The Lord is long suffering to you-ward – God lets His time work throughout human history from generation to generation, allowing men in the world the chance to repent. (v8-9)

2. Life in the end times – Our hope for the Lord’s return impacts how we live this life, driving us to be more diligent, sober and confident to meet the Lord. (v14)

Scripture of the day: (NT) : II Peter 3


* Messages in November Special Conference, 11/26 – Jesus As A Perfect Man,

Session 2: His Acts – Following The Holy Spirit by Bro. James CHU/朱永毅, Mandarin with Cantonese translation

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


* And he brought me to the temple and measured…and he went inward, and measured the length thereof, twenty cubits, and the breadth, twenty cubits… and he said unto me, This is the most holy place. (Ezekiel 41:1-4)

Ezekiel 40-42: The prophet, through describing the dimensions of the temple from up down and from outside in, signified how our worship reaches toward the more and most holy as we go more and more inward.

* Copyright © ArkChannel and the authors *

Eternal Provider!

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but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ (v.18)

Look unto God in 3 aspects:
1. Gods words are trustworthy (v.1-4) so we should live holy & righteously (v.11-14)
2. Gods works never fail (v.5-7) so saints should be diligent in share His gospel (v.15-16)
3. Gods wills & mercy last forever (v.5-7) be increased in grace & in the knowledge of our Lord (v.17-18)

* wife of Bro K. W. Tongs??? in HK has an operation tomorrow (2/12 Sat) afternoon, pls pray for them

Touch me, dear Lord?

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the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of tria

Where are we — a dangerous world. O Lord, save us!
1. Heresies flourishing Guard against those greedy and defiled religious people!?v.122?
2. Humanity twisted our righteous souls paining for others??v.59?

?Bro W. K. Tong??? who has loved God and the church throughout his life, started chemotherapy again yesterday. Also his wife is going to have operation to remove cancer cells this Friday, (in different hospitals.)The 5 children of Tongs, together with their wives or husbands, all love and serve the Lord. All kids in their families dedicated to God. His son Sung Yan?? witnessed that, in sickness his father remains a peaceful heart . . Pls pray for this couple & their families , that they have a successful treatment & strength renewed — & the testimony of life continues !

Grow in Grace!

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But, according to His promise, we wait for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwells righteousness. <3:13>

It is not slowness but wishing people to repent:
1. The Lord will come soon as he promised (v1-8) — Heaven & earth can fade but God’s words will realize!
2. He hasn’t come as people haven’t repented yet (v9-12) — The righteousness of God hastens His coming , but His love suspends His coming!
3. Looking for His coming according to grace & wisdom (v.13-18) — distinguish true and false by His word, experience Him by daily living.

*Fern Nichols is author of the book”Every Child Needs a Praying Mom”???????????. One day, after she sent her children to school, she felt uncomfortable & worried about her children , for they would face lots of temptations. She prayed to Lord in the kitchen. Some time later, she started to have regular prayers with another mother Linda. They prayed for their children every week. 5 more mothers joined prayers later. In past 20 years, 20,000 mothers prayers groups were formed, about 150, 000 mothers joined. Moms In Touch International was established. Mothers, rise up and pray! To protect your beloved!

Free from Fear!

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…but preserved Noe, the eighth, a preacher of righteousnessK<2:5>

To examine its legitimacy — pay attention to false teachers– 5 flaws for you to test:
1. Denying our Savior (v.1) — Do they have correct interpretation of the Bible and the salvation?
2. Self-willed (v.10) — How about their attitude? Well balanced and humble?
3. Despising Authority (v10) — Do they treat others reasonably?
4. Indulge in sinful desires (v10) — Are they holy and blameless?
5. Money-lovers (v.15) — a so called “world class apostle” claiming that he had to buy a plane — for he is too busy! (Do you believe him?)

*I met a Bro William from South Africa yesterday. He prays endlessly for souls and witnesses the work of Holy Spirit throughout the whole Africa. Every soul is longing for the truth. We studied the world atlas together and he pointed out some African countries, from the city Johannesburg, Nigeria to Congo Republic etc. Pls pray for Africa! (I was moved and prayed to the Lord that He will widen the eyes of brothers and sisters of Ark Channel. Pray for this big piece of land and the churches there every day.
*I will preach in Causeway bay, HK tomorrow (the eighth time this month). Topic : ” You Light up my Life”. . Pray lift up your hands and pray to back me up. Jesus is the Lord of African, and the Lord of HK too!

A Worthy Friend!

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the Lord knows how to rescue godly men from trials… <2:9>

The world of sin — learn from history:
1. The judgment of flood (v.5) — heterodoxies and fake Christianity are everywhere. We should pay attention to the advice and prophecies in the Bible.
2. The judgment of fire (v.6) — morality is losing its status and corrupt and sinful desire is regarded as normal.
Do remember that the judgment of God is coming soon. Be fear for Him!

*Robert Morrison was called by God to care for the 350 million souls in China when he was 22. At the age of 25, he translated the Bible into Chinese with mission and sailed to China. The captain asked him, “Do you think you can influence the tradition of worshipping idols among the Chinese?” He replied,”No, I can’t. But I believe He can” When he came to China, learning Chinese and preaching were prohibited by the Chinese government. He, however, he saved money to buy Chinese books and hired Chinese tutor secretly. He worked for over 10 hours per day. In 1812, the Qing Government imposed this regulation, “Anyone who publishes Christianity books shall be sentenced to death” Despite of this, his Chinese translation of the New Testaments was published in the following year.
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