Labour Fervently For You In Prayer!

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Be Watchful And Thankful! Ark Channel 12/10/2022 Wed Colossians 4

…redeeming the time. Let your speech always be with grace… (v5-6)

* Be a man of prayer in the resurrected spirit; use suitable words to communicate with others, be meek, know how to share in the joy and suffering of our Shepherd, improve continuously, renew the self and spread the mystery of Christ!

Colossians 4:1-18

* Scientists estimate that there are about 10,000 species of ants, and the total weight of all members of this insect family is equivalent to the weight of all humans on earth! The Bible tells us to learn from ants , hoping that humans will learn to cooperate and help each other.

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Set Your Mind on Things Above!

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Christ Is Our Life! Ark Channel 11/10/2022 Tue Colossians 3

bearing with one another, and forgiving one another…even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do. (v13)

* Life and good, death and evil, are all from the heart. We are a new man and we must put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness and endurance. Love one another and let peace and thankfulness rule in your hearts. The secret is to set our mind on the things above and to store up the words of Christ in our hearts!

Colossians 3:1-25

* Statistical studies have found that the decline of Christianity in the West continues, especially in the United States! A revival will happen, but the current data shows no sign of it. Can the dry bones be revived?

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Help In Time Of Need!

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Be Still, Await A New Day! Ark Channel 10/10/2022 Mon Colossians 2

rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. (v7)

* All earthly things will pass away but all heavenly and spiritual things will endure forever. Pay the price today to seek the immortal, eternal Lord who will not let us down!

Colossians 2:1-23

* Pastor John Snelgrove, a long time resident in HK, writes about the Lord as our vatality: be joyful, be thankful, be humble, be focused, and be at peace. Looking at our hands and counting our fingers, we should say aloud each of these five qualities every morning.

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Redeem The Time!

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Speak With Grace! Ark Channel 12/10/2021 Tue Colossians 4

Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders… (v5)

* Our hearts long for heaven but we have to practically live in the world, treat others well, be just and fair (v1), devote yourselves to prayer and thanksgiving, conduct yourselves with wisdom, redeem the time (v2-6) and guard against backsliding like Demas (v7-18)

Colossians 4

* Latest from Timothy / 仕傑夫婦 in Canada: (2) With the 6 saints from Toronto we drove to scenic areas, fellowshipped and sang hymns in the car, shared experiences of marriage life and raising children. Unwillingly we parted…the Lord wills we shall meet again. ~ Calgary (Timothy and his wife serve the elderly in the local community, leading Bible studies and other good works) .

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Bearing With One Another!

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Seek The Things That Are Above! Ark Channel 11/10/2021 Mon Colossians 3

When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory. (v4)

* How to live in a changing world? Set your minds on the things that are above (v1-4), flee impurity, evil passions (v5-11), live out Christ in the family and society (v5-25).

Colossians 3

* Latest from Timothy / 仕傑夫婦 in Calgary, Canada: (1) We had a recent visit of 6 saints from Toronto for 8 days, meeting together, partaking the Lord’s Table, singing hymns with tears of joy and thanksgiving as we have not met like this in remembrance of the Lord for half a year. We read the ten virgins and Philippians 4 etc. together with sweet fellowship. (to be continued tomorrow)

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Nearer to Thee Daily All My Years! – Sunday Hope_10/10/2021

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Triumphing in the Cross! – Sunday Hope 10/10/2021 Colossians 2

… but the substance is of Christ. (v17)

* Christ is mentioned 16 times in Colossians 2, from subsuming under Christ to enjoying Christ (v.1-10), from holding fast the headship of Christ to living with Christ (v.11-23)!

Colossians 2

* Cheerful sound of praise from God’s people! A thanksgiving medley to uplift the weary:arkchannel sharing

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A Hope Laid Up in Heaven!

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He Has Delivered Us from the Power of Darkness! – Ark Channel 09/10/2021 Sat Colossians 1

To this end I also labour, striving according to His working which works in me mightily. (v. 29)

* We should always give thanks for the power and fruit of the gospel (v. 3-8)! We should always make supplications for brothers and sisters to have in-depth knowledge of God’s will, for their spiritual understanding, and their growth and maturity…. (v. 9-23)

Colossians 1

* Chinese sermon by Rev David Pao / 鮑維均牧師 on Good Soldier of Christ/(基督的精兵).

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More Labor, Less Anxiety!

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In Every Opportunity Conduct With Wisdom! Ark Channel 121020 Mon Colossians 4

Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt… (v6)

Christ Is Above All:
1. Recognise that Christ is supreme and complete (Colossians 1-2)
2. Live out Christ, letting Him be the first in everything (Colossians 3-4)
* Do we live and choose with Him as our Lord?

Colossians 4

* Shortly after Professor of Medicine Harold G. Koenig’s marriage, his wife left him. Devastated, he recklessly drove past an empty church building. He went in and knelt down, crying for God’s help…during this sad period he bought a Bible and started reading from Genesis. This living book brought Jesus into his life and one day he responded to God’s calling in the doctor’s lounge. Since then he served God all his life! (On that day, he was reading Isaiah 61:1-2)

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Fear God with an Honest Heart! Sunday Hope_11/10/2020

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Singing to Him with grace in heart! – Sunday Hope 111020 Colossians 3

… seek those things which are above…. (v1)

Holy Living in Practice!
1. In marriage – submit to your husband; love your wife
2. In family – obey your parents; don’t provoke your children
3. In workplace – respect your boss; treat your subordinate with fairness

Colossians 3

* 盡忠為主歌 (Faithful for the Lord) – A well-known song in Mandarin which has encouraged many followers of Christ going through fiery trials.

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Boasting in the Cross!

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Counsel in Heart Like Deep Water! – Ark Channel 101020 Sat Colossians 2

… who (He) is the head of all principality and power. (v. 10)

Christ is Above All!
1. The surpassing excellence and perfection of Christ–Conviction for Christ (Chapter 1-2)
2. Let Christ have the preeminence in all things – Living out Christ. (Chapters 3-4)

Colossians 2

* Popular pastor and writer Tim Keller is making some progress after six rounds of chemotherapy. He experienced the special presence of God. Brothers and sisters, do continue your prayers for him! Pray for Tim Keller

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By God’s Power, Do Your Best!

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Never lose the hope of the gospel! – Ark Channel 091020 Fri Colossians 1

For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves (v.13)

The script does not change, but the plot is hard to predict – know who is the director of life!
1. Colossi was a city of idols, but the glorious Christ spread to western Europe through this city!
2. Christ is the true God! Christ is in us! Remember these two mysteries!

Colossians 1

* Give hope to those who have no strength to continue; there is always a light at the end! – Charles R. Swindoll -Don’t give up, your story isn’t over

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A Long Story, Watchful in Love!

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Epaphras is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured (v.12)

Living For the House of God — Stand Firm and Constantly Serve In Prayer

1. Prayer about eternity — Do not just praying for and about our needs, but for God’s will to be done. Even more importantly, we should pray constantly. (v2-4/12)

2. Watchful and thankful — Constantly recognize God’s grace in our lives, with a thankful heart, and being respectful and prayerful for God’s will. (v.2)

Scripture of the Day (NT): Colossians 4


* Musician John WALLER wrote this wonderful song, telling a prayer for an awakening of all husbands’ and wives’ hearts.

The Marriage Prayer  (w/Lyrics, English)


*… When I called him he was only one man,  and I blessed him and made him many.  (Isaiah 51:2)

Isaiah 51-53: At times, we should look back and see how God has guided us through our lives, count our blessings – you will find yourself standing at a point very different from when you think you are “alone”.

* Copyright © ArkChannel and the authors *

New & Newer Each Day When Hiding In God!

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and have put on the new man, that is being renewed…after the image of him that created him. (v10)

Target For a Purpose Driven Life – Living Out Christ:

1. Put off the old man – Say NO and flee from temptations in any form. If you fail to stand, repent before God and deal with it right away. (v5-9)

2. Put on the new man – Set your mind on the things in heaven, let your mind be like that of Christ, developing into the perfect character of Christ gradually. (v1-4,12-17)

Scripture of the Day (NT): Colossians 3


* Church in Marlboro, New Jersey, US started in 1995 with a few home gatherings, meeting in the name of the Lord. In 17 years, it has been thriving and building up. Brother Charlie YANG shares with us their website – a treasure box that contains precious spiritual literature and messages in English and Chinese.

Also material for the sisters and mothers:


* For my name’s sake will I defer mine anger, and for my praise will I refrain for thee, that I cut thee not off. (Isaiah 48:9)

Isaiah 48-50: “For His name’s sake” is one big reason why God forgives. Do not deceive yourself. God is fire. Let us fear Him and do not trample on grace.

* Copyright © ArkChannel and the authors *

Life for One Body!

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…rooted and built up in him…(v.7)

Desire For A Firm Faith? – Focus on Christ and the Church:

1. Take Root in Christ — In spiritual growth, one must guard against hollow and deceptive philosophy while experiencing the revelation of the fullness of Christ (v8-15)

2. Edify within the Church — Spiritual richness is shown in the church, but one must guard against legalism (adherence to religion rituals), ascetism (refrainn from worldly pleasures) and mysticism (mysterious religious pursuits). Our head is Christ, we should help each other through fellowship. (v16-23)

Scripture of the Day (NT): Colossians 2


* A new book from the Southern Publishing Society (南方出版社) called “The Influence of Story” (賣故事2) is a book on business.

In its opening chapter, the authors share that the Bible is a rare book, telling many touching stories. Just in the USA, publishers sell 25 million copies yearly, worth a total USD500 million. The authors believe that the Bible’s many beautiful stories can withstand the test of archaeological investigation, have great influence and teaching and bring people to a higher spirituality and morality!


* I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things. (Isaiah 45:7)

Isaiah 45-47: God’s actions can neither be tested nor explained, He holds our lives in His hands, and therefore we are to respond with humility and submission.

* Copyright © ArkChannel and the authors *

Life of the Universe, Heaven and Man Join As One!

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…where unto I labor also, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily. (v29)

Strength Upon Strength And Be Led Before God

1. Christ in Me – power of glory, hope of glory!  (v23-27)

2. I in Christ – wisdom and truth help us mature and grow, fit to be consecrated to God (v28)

Scripture of the Day (NT): Colossians 1


* Bro. Dixon IP, Tak Sang/ 葉特生 encourages all the weak and sick – “…blessed is one who has in him the thorn from the Lord.

Today we move forward in faith. That day, we see faith for real. Only a few more steps left. ‘Good and faithful’ is the robe of righteousness we present before God.  It is the last few stitches in weaving the robe. Be assured and let the Lord complete that!

Weaving the robe is working together with God… – Your brother Dixon/LA, one who are by your side in partaking tribulation, His kingdom and patience by the grace of the Lord!


* the people which I formed for myself, that they might set forth my praise. (Isaiah 43:21)

Isaiah 42-44: Here God reveals His desire in creating His people, to testify His goodness through their experiencing His grace. This is their responsibility.

* Copyright © ArkChannel and the authors *

Our Life Finds Refuge In God With Christ!

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Set your mind on the things that are above, not on the things that are upon the earth. (Colossians 3:2)

New Man in God – Holy & Beloved

1.  Shed the old self – put to death all evil and uncleanness in the old being (v5)

2.  Put on the new being – act in 3 new noble positions: God’s elect, holy and beloved (v12)

Scripture of the day (NT):  Colossians 3


*  “A Typical Modern American “Christian” ” Is our love for the Lord only on the outside and still full of doubt in God on the inside? In this crooked world of lies, let’s take heed in remaining sober and watchful unto prayer. Let’s be closely connected with the Lord, lest we slip into the swirl and be lost!


* …. that have been borne by me from their birth, that have been carried from the womb;….  and even to old age …. I will… (Isaiah 46:3-4)

Isaiah 45-47: The most tender and warmest promise Abba Father makes – from our birth till old, He carries us in Him, He saves us to the utmost.

* Copyright © ArkChannel and the authors *

God’s Mystery is Christ!

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For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily, (Colossians 2:9)

Christ Who Belongs to God – True Wisdom in All Universe

1.   Uphold Christ – Christ is the treasure box holding all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (v3)

2.  Take heed of false teachings – anything that takes us away from Christ robs us of our prize in heaven that day (v18)

Scripture of the day (NT): Colossians 2


* Our Father Forever/永在的父 〈詩歌〉


* … Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old…. Behold, I will do a new thing… (Isaiah 43:18-19)

Isaiah 43-44: God is not confined by history. He does new things every day. Let’s be prepared to walk with Him and experience the “New Exodus” in life, exiting darkness and entering light.

* Copyright © ArkChannel and the authors *

Hidden Mystery, Hope of Glory!

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…..the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:  (Colossians 1:27)

Hope Among the Gentiles – Beloved Son of God

1. delivered from the power of darkness – like a captive being set free,  delivered from the power of darkness into the kingdom of the Beloved Son (v13)

2. reconciled with God – by the death of the Beloved Son, who used to be enemy of God is now restored and brought back before God (v22)

Scripture of the day (NT): Colossians 1


* Apple Store launches “Samuel CHING Series/ 《程蒙恩書庫》 as an App on iPad and iPhone, making 21 spiritual literature available. They include “Warning on the End Times”/末世預言, 120 Promises God Makes/120個神的應許, 60 Model Prayers/禱告範例60篇, 60 Questions on Love and Marriage Among Saints/信徒戀愛婚姻60問, 118 Gospel Q&A/118 福音疑難問與答, Daily Shower/每日甘霖, BeOn The Alert Of Cult “Lightning In The East”/防範異端「東方閃電」. There are also writings on evangelism, truth seeking, teachings for new believers, discipleship etc….

Download via –

* Lessons on Experiencing Life : Overcome Anxiety and Fear of Investment Failure (Chinese text)Please click HERE

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Redeeming Opportunities?

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Persevere in prayer, watching in it with thanksgiving <4:2>

Put your eyes on the great field of God?Col 4?:
1. The most terrible time for Satan is the moment when weak saints knee down and pray?v.24?
2. The most glorious and holy work can be successful only if there is next generation to continue!?v.715?
3. Whoever suffers the most for the brothers and sisters will be our leader!?v.1618?

?Sister Suky asked Ark Channel for information about churches in Texas. She wants her brother Ron who goes there can attend church meetings & saved.To her surprise ,she rites , “Thanks for yr information The Lord has answered my prayers2 days before my brother went to church himself (both Sat & Sun). He is not a Christian (he drives my parents to church and waits outside for the meeting to end), but now in US he goes to meetings and he said he will go next weekits so miraculous! the church he attends is further away from which you suggested (in district 77701). Thanks the Lord! Pls continue to pray for his salvation

Seek Heavenly?

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have your mind on the things above<3:2>

Set our minds on things above – live a wonderful life:
1. Live in the eternal light?v.14?The everlasting, omnipotent & omniscient Lord is living inside us!
2. Restrict ourselves in love, give thanks and serve?3:54:1?Can people encounter Jesus in your family life or work?

?Old lady Lai ??? in HK ,now 89, believed in Jesus recently & has her idols removed. She will be baptized this afternoon, glory be to God!
?Letter fr a sister in Christ – -” Tonight is funeral of Bro Lai , a newly saved brother died of cancer. His daughter -in -law , sister B.H. Lai??? is my fruit in gsopel . She is the designer of the cabinet in my house. I invited her to gospel meeting …. Later her husband, father-in-law ,mother-in-law all believed in Christ !.We pray that their family can serve God in one accord .

In Triumph ?

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and you are complete in Him <2:10>

Walk in all His fullness — 4 warnings concerning Christian faith?v.823?:
1. Guard against hollow teachings of this world — treasure the fullness in Christ?v.815?
2. Focus on Christ, who is the reality — rather than outward appearances?v.1617?
3. Connect with the head — instead of boosting on ourselves?v.1819?
4. Wisdom of men is limited — So walk on every occasions with the living Lord?v.2023?

?Bro Lai Hau Fong???, a new believer in HK ,has passed away. His daughter caught hold of his last days to bring him to Lord, together with help of 2 hospital pastors. He was baptized in hospital on 9/9, experienced peace in his pain. On 1/10 he was taken away by Lord. All his family was comforted. (Pls pray for the funeral tomorrow. My topic — The Cross & Peace on the Cross)

Delivered from Darkness?

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translated us into the kingdom of the Son of His love:<1:13>

Knowing the transcending Christ and serve heavenly:
1. 4 identities of Christ — He is God, the Creator Lord, the head of church and the Lord of redemption!?refer to v.15a/15b17/v.18/v.1920?
2. 4 kinds of Christian service — Suffering, preaching, caring the church, praying and encouraging?refer to v.24?29/2:15/2:67/?

?George Muller was well-known of his faith which fed several thousands orphans. He never seeks financial help from others but never in shortage . When people asked him about the secrets of prayer he said, The most important part is the 15 minutes after youve said, Amen (wait for Gods response!)
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