The Burden:

By the end of 2002,the number of suicide in HK reached near 1000/yr, even Christian suicide (backslided , because of satanic work), I cried to the Lord what to do!!
We are struggling in Great Flood, ourselves, our families, our marriage, our children… who can be safe in this atmosphere of end times?
Jesus answered me by the picture of Noah’s Ark (in Genesis) — hide in Christ and the Church, Ark of today. And I broadcast news for survival!

The Goal:

So I began Ark Channel, by e-mailing concise notes+ messages daily, to help people watching Christ , focusing our eyes to the Ark, understanding the scripture in a systematic way, inspired by the Holy Spirit day by day. I insist myself to send out daily, by hand, to saints that I know and care. Everyone that I know personally. Reason is that Ark Channel is a link of prayer-net/care-net). I aim at building up a strong prayer-net, global. So, when you are on my list , that means you are among the many I pray for. And if you want to direct these messages to yr friends, please inform them its purpose, do it daily, also pray for them daily.

Yokefellow, Sam Kong